Unveiling the Myths about Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the factors, which affects the development of heart disease. This ailment causes damage to the blood vessels, thus provoking serious heart health issues and a stroke. Unfortunately, hypertension is a rather insidious affliction: it may show no symptoms and, at the same time, slowly kill you. 

Facts provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that 32% of Americans have high blood pressure. More than a half of these people cannot keep their illness under control. The statistics is frightening but being familiar with all the peculiarities of this disorder you may successfully avoid it or live with it. So, let’s unveil the most popular myths about hypertension. 

High blood pressure may be cured once and for all 

Many people think that a single visit to the doctor may solve their problems with high blood pressure. Unfortunately, the treatment of this condition is rather durable and in the majority of cases demands a lifelong therapy. Your medical specialist will develop a special scheme of treatment for you to stabilize your overall condition and the blood pressure in particular. You can also try to lower the indexes of your blood pressure by following a healthy lifestyle. It means  

These measures will help you to significantly lower your blood pressure, thus reducing your need of medication intake. 

You will definitely evolve hypertension if it is your family problem 

It is a known fact that people with a family history of hypertension are more predisposed to evolving this ailment. Nevertheless, being predisposed doesn’t mean you are sure to get it. Very often hypertension is transmitted from generation to generation because people follow the same wrong style of life as their parents and grandparents. Unhealthy eating habits and low physical activity are among the factors, which trigger the development of hypertension.  

It is within your power to break the family history and be healthy by following a healthy way of life; it means having at least half an hour a day of physical exercises, healthy eating habits (minimum of saturated fats, no fast food, lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grain products and diverse food products) and regular checkups at the doctors. 

Hypertension always has symptoms you can notice 

A heart disease and stroke are among the leading causes of deaths in the US. Very often people who seemed absolutely healthy die of a sudden heart failure or stroke. They may suffer from high blood pressure for years even not knowing about it. That’s why it is so important to monitor one’s blood pressure, especially if you are in the group of risk for such a disease. 

You have to check your blood pressure regularly if you  

  • Are overweight or obese; 
  • Have a family history of hypertension; 
  • Have unhealthy eating habits; 
  • Have other serious health issues (e.g. kidney disease). 

Any amount of alcohol is useful for your heart 

There is an opinion that no matter how much alcohol you drink it will be good for your heart. This statement is only partially correct, as excessive alcohol consumption is harmful but a glass of red wine will do only good to your health. If you drink large doses of alcohol on the regular basis, it may elevate your blood pressure to dangerous levels, thus provoking a heart attack or a stroke. 

There’s no need to monitor your blood pressure on the regular basis 

If you think that checking your blood pressure once in a month is enough then you are very far from truth. If you have hypertension, you are to check your condition every morning or even more often depending on the treatment plan offered by your health care provider. It will help your doctor to evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy and possibly correct it according to your needs.