Overcoming Common Roadblocks In Your Smoke Free Journey

Even in the best circumstances, there are obstacles to overcome when you want to quit smoking. Roadblocks are very common, all of us face obstacles. The trick is to not let them discourage you from quitting and staying smoke-free for good. You can plan ways to get past them.

When thinking about your personal roadblocks to quitting smoking, remember that there are different kinds. Some are mental and have to do with how you view your smoking habit. Others have to do with your social life and how much support you’ll have when you quit smoking.  Still others are related to what you think might happen if you quit, such as gaining weight or being irritableHere are examples of some common roadblocks people face when trying to quit.

-Weight gain

You could gain weight and it can turn out to be a real problem. But there are many ways you can avoid or minimize that gain with healthy eating habits and by making physical activity a bigger part of your life.

-Smoking is part of my routine.

Routines are not set in stone. Experimenting even slightly with your daily routines by adding new, healthier activities such as walking, reading a book, or trying a new hobby, will take you out of your smoking rut and other unhealthy activities.

-My friends all smoke and it will be too hard to stop around them.

Spending time with friends who smoke can make it hard for you to quit. The same goes for members of your family. Try getting their support ahead of time. Tell them how important it is for you to quit and how they can help. They will be impressed by your resolve and may even want to join you.

-When I don’t smoke, I feel fidgety, like I need to do something with my hands.

Try to focus your attention on other things. You can keep your hands busy by cooking, gardening, sewing, writing a letter, or munching on a carrot or celery stick. You may also want to try the relaxation exercise it can do wonders for calming you and helping you regain your sense of well-being.

-I get nervous and irritable without smoking.

Nervousness and irritability can be overcome. Physical activity can improve your mood and leave you with an overall sense of well-being. Use the relaxation exercise to get you through the tense moments and cravings.

-Smoking gives me extra energy and keeps me going.

There are other things you can do to boost your energy level. Physical activity is a great way to get re-energized and can build your stamina over time. A balanced diet full of vitamins and nutrients can also keep you at a good energy level.

-There are a lot of problems in life.

Many smokers have other stress in their lives besides quitting smoking. If you are going through or recovering from a major loss or problem, this may not be the best time to quit. And you might still want to adopt some of the physical activity and healthy diet recommendations so you can feel you are being good to yourself. Changes in these areas can pave the way to eventually quitting smoking.

There is no “right time” to quit smoking. Quitting is tough, but, 49 percent of all smokers have done it and you can too. Also, quitting can make you feel more positive. You may find that some of the tools you use to quit smoking can help you tackle other problems.