migraine triggers

Most Common Migraine Triggers

An unbearable headache accompanied by nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and sounds, which can last from several hours to a couple of days is called a migraine. The statistics say that women are three times more predisposed to experiencing a migraine than men. The nature of this ailment is still being discussed, and multiple studies work on determining the exact reasons for its appearance. Nevertheless, some common things, which may trigger a migraine are already known.

Stressful situations
Stress is recognized as one of the most often reasons for migraine appearance. Anger, anxiety and any overwhelming emotions may lead to a migraine attack. What’s more, the majority of migraine patients claim that a migraine starts in after stress period when a person calms down. Besides, people having frequent mood swings or suffering from depression are at risk of getting a migraine too.

Changes in the routine schedule
People suffering from migraine may have an attack even after the slightest changes in their daily to-do-list. No matter what kind of changes these are; a nice family trip or an unplanned visit to the hospital, they may end up with a migraine. That’s why such patients are often recommended to plan everything they need to do. It helps to lower their stress levels and reduce the grade of emotions thus preventing an attack.

Sleeping pattern changes
Both sleep deprivation and too much sleep may provoke a migraine. People restore their energy during night rest. In case your sleep schedule has changed and your body, the same as your brain, lack time to reload, you may feel fatigue and be more prone to evolving a migraine.

Impact of hormones
Changes in the levels of hormones in women are strongly associated not only with a lack of sexual desire but also with a migraine appearance. In most cases, migraines are linked to the periods. They usually affect women a couple of days before or during the bleeding. Period of menopause when the levels of estrogen significantly go down is also considered a trigger factor for migraine attacks.

Certain foods
Due to various natural compounds, which may be found in food products one may get a migraine. Among the foods, which are most likely to provoke the problem are tomatoes, beans, onion, citrus fruits, and bananas. Yet the highest danger is hidden in cheese as it contains tyramine. Its concentration is especially high in soft cheeses like feta, mozzarella, and brie.

Drinks containing caffeine
Caffeine can work differently for different people. For some of them drinking several cups of coffee or tea or any other beverage having caffeine in its composition may initiate a migraine, whereas for the others abrupt stopping of caffeine intake triggers the attack.

Alcohol intake
Red wine is known to be a trigger of a migraine headache. Nevertheless, other kinds of alcohol-containing drinks may also provoke an attack. That’s why individuals suffering from this illness should avoid alcohol consumption.

Changes in climate, season, and weather
Health condition of some people seriously depends on the weather. This is also true for migraine patients. Rapid or sharp changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature or humidity increase the risks of a migraine attack.

Intensive loss of water is always dangerous for a human organism as lack of liquid makes the blood thicker thus increasing the load on heart. For about a third of all people suffering from migraine, dehydration becomes the cause of an attack. That’s why it is important to pay attention to proper hydration, particularly in hot weather when the process of sweating is the most active.