9 Unusual Ways to Cope with Stress

Our mental health is much dependent on our ability to cope with stressful situations. Stress management is an increasingly important skill in our fast-developing world. There exist multiple methods of staying calm and relieving stress, yet there are cases when traditional ways fail to work effectively. So, here are 6 unusual ways to reduce stress for those who need something different. 

#1 Beat a punching bag 

Quite often we feel stressed because of communication with some people (a boss, for example). To lower your stress level, you can try to throw your anger at a punching bag. If you don’t have one, then a pillow may be of a great help. Hit it and speak out loud whatever you would like to say to your boss. Believe it or not, but you’ll feel much better. 

#2 Make love  

Sex is known to be a great way of fighting stresses. It’s all because of the release of oxytocin and dopamine – special hormones responsible for the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. They help you to relax and enjoy the situation thus lowering your stress levels. 

#3 Scream  

If you are an emotional kind of person but cannot express your feelings due to some circumstances, screaming is a good choice for you. It doesn’t mean you have to yell at someone, it means giving a loud cry into space. For example, in the forest or somewhere on the highway where there are no people to judge you. By giving way to your emotions, you get free from the inside thus leaving off the stressful situation. 

#4 Do some household chores 

Washing-up or ironing may be a nice way out for people under stress. Repetitive actions “turn off” your brain helping you forget about the problems and clear your mind. It may work as a reload. This stress management tip, unlike the previous ones, may be useful for introverts as it doesn’t demand any physical expression of emotions.  

#5 Make faces 

Making grimaces in front of a mirror can make you laugh and, consequently, be less strained. Even if you are not in the mood for such experiments, force yourself to do it and you’ll feel the results for sure. Laughing promotes the release of endorphins, which may significantly improve your mood. 

#6 Keep a diary 

Talking the troubles over may have an impressive therapeutic effect on people experiencing stress. In case you don’t have a person you can talk to and you cannot force yourself to turn for professional help, write about your worries in a diary. It may be called “a silent talk”: though there’s nobody to answer your questions and give a word of support, you still talk about your problems thus helping yourself. 

#7 Get a dog 

If you love animals and are not allergic to their fur, you should think of having a dog. Spending time with these wonderful creatures can charge you with positive energy and help you forget about stress. Dogs are known to be energy donors. They are widely used in the therapy of people suffering from anxiety and depression. In addition, dog owners have to take their pets for a walk at least twice a day. Walking not only helps to improve your mental health, it also improves the health of cardiovascular system and keeps your body mass within the norm. 

#8 Eat your favorite food 

Eating the food we love can make us really happy. The feeling of satisfaction after eating a portion of your favorite ice-cream is similar to the one people feel during sex. Even if you are on a diet or try to follow healthy eating habits, there are times when a hot-dog with a can of soda is allowable. 

#9 Try a new haircut or manicure 

Even though this tip works best for women, it is immensely helpful. Time spent in the beauty salon is healing for any woman. Even the slightest thoughts about stress disappear once you get into the chair for a new hairdo or manicure.